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Pre-defined project

Pre-defined project

Project: „Open Heritage: Increased public accessibility to multi-ethnic heritage values in the Astra Museum”

Project promoter: ASTRA National Museum Complex, Sibiu

Project Partner: Museum of South Trøndelag (MiST), Trondheim, Norway

Project duration: 40 months, but no later than 30.04.2017

Total maximum eligible project cost: 3,692,147.27 euro, out of which 3,500,054 euro represents the initial financial allocation, 95,887.37 euro represents the budget for the additional activites approved in Round 1/2016 and 96,205.90 euro represents the budget for the additional activities approved in Round 2/2016

Project grant rate: 100%

Planned project activities:

  • a new indoor museum (Transylvanian Civilisation) and entrance facility to the Open Air Museum;
  • activities aimed at the restoration and reconstruction of a Roma homestead;
  • a complex cultural animation & education program focusing on inclusion of minorities (indoor and outdoor exhibition path) activities with a focus on the preservation of at least 14 buildings;
  • activities with the aim of preserving at least 2,000 cultural objects of cultural heritage value;
  • activities aimed at the development of a permanent indoor exhibition on mobile and immobile minorities’ heritage and two temporary exhibitions, of which one in Norway;
  • activities aimed at documenting cultural history and exchange of experience and best practices with the Museum of South Trøndelag, Trondheim, Norway;
  • landscaping in the area of the 18 monuments and conservation / maintenance works.
  • development of an educational program "Learning diversity";
  • educational activities and workshops organized under the program "Learning diversity";
  • exchange of good practices with the Norwegian project partner through a seminar and workshops called "Disability, another form of diversity"

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Finalised works, November 2015


Executed works, September 2015


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Learning diversity at ASTRA Museum

The educational program Learning diversity was dedicated especially to children, but also to adults. They were invited to experiment creative techniques and skill development activities with craftsmen within the homesteads reconstructed or restored through the Open Heritage project.

Thus, a sensory path was created and educational workshops were organized - decorated bead velvet ribbons, painted furniture, gastronomy, ceramics - decorative motifs, straw knitting, precious fabrics - creative recycling, sewing-embroidery, tailoring.

Ovidiu Baron: “The sensory path proposed by Astra Museum within the Open Heritage project is an open gate towards traditional civilization for decades to come.”