Large projects

The Programme will contribute to cultural and natural heritage for future generations safeguarded and conserved and made publicly available.

Eligible applicants

  • Public entities: public authorities, cultural institutions, and state archives;
  • Non-governmental organizations active in the field of cultural heritage or ethnic minorities, legal owners/holders of heritage monuments, items and collections;
  • Legally recognized religious organizations in Romania;
  • Higher education and research institutions;
  • Other non-commercial entities.

Total amount reserved

The total amount of Programme financing available for large projects is 16.448.526 Euro, out of which:

  • 15.048.526 Euro is reserved for achieving outcome „Cultural heritage restored, renovated and protected”
  • 1,400,000 Euro is reserved for outcome „Local communities further developed and economically sustainable livelihoods established through the revitalisation of cultural and natural heritage”.

Minimum and maximum grant amount at project level

The minimum amount of grant assistance applied is 200,000 Euro and the maximum amount is 2,000,000 Euro.

Project grant rate

Grants from the Programme will not exceed 90% of total eligible costs, except in the case of projects implemented by public entities, where grants from the Programme may be up to 100% of total eligible project costs.

Duration of the project

The implementation of projects will end on April 30, 2017.