About the Programme

The Programme PA16/RO12 Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural and Natural Heritagesupports the achievement of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 objectives:

  • reduction of economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area;
  • strengthening bilateral relations between the Donor States and the Beneficiary States.

The overall objective of the Programme is to contribute to cultural and natural heritage for future generations safeguarded and conserved and made publicly available.

The implementation of the Programme shall contribute to:

  • the protection of the Romanian cultural heritage;
  • the development of regions and cities by improving their tourist and investment attractiveness through the conservation, restoration and valorisation of cultural heritage;
  • the conservation and valorisation of intangible heritage with an aim towards strengthening cultural identity of ethnical minorities, including Roma population.

The expected outcomes and outputs of the Programme are:

  • Outcome 1:  Cultural heritage conserved, restored, renovated and protected

Expected outputs:

  • Buildings of cultural heritage value restored or rehabilitated;
  • Objects of cultural heritage value restored/preserved;
  • Digitised archives and databases;
  • Museums and cultural facilities created/enhanced.
  • Outcome 2: Local communities further developed and economically sustainable livelihoods established through the revitalisation of cultural and natural heritage

Expected outputs:

  • Strategic and planning documents created and improved, in relation to heritage assets;
  • Natural heritage sites protected or revitalised;
  • Cultural intangible heritage of ethnical minorities made accessible to the public.

The total Programme budget is 18,451,295 Euro, out of which 15,683,601 Euro (85%) is the financial contribution of the Donor States – Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein through the EEA Grants and 2,767,694 Euro (15%) represents the co-financing from the national budget.

The initially approved amount from the EEA Grants was of 14,000,000 Euro, but in 2014 the Financial Mechanism Office decided to addition the Programme budget with 1,683,601 Euro.

At least 10% of the total eligible costs of the Programme shall target the improvement of the situation of the Roma population.

The programme will be implemented through of one call for proposals and a small grant scheme

Planned Programme implementation time schedule








Signing of the Programme Agreement






Programme launching conference






Matchmaking seminar






Evaluation and implementation of the predefined project



Selection of applications regarding partnership actions and implementation of partnership actions





Selection of project applications and implementation of projects within the small grant scheme



Selection and implementation of large projects



Programme closing conference






Programme evaluation and conclusion