Shukar Fest – Interethnic handicrafts fair, 7 – 9 October 2016

Between 7th and 9th October 2016, the Large Square from Sibiu will host the third edition of Shukar Fest, an event dedicated to Roma, Hungarian and Romanian traditional craftsmen.

The audience can learn traditional techniques from coppersmiths, silversmiths, rudars, harness makers, blacksmiths and potters during live demonstrations. Also, a raffle will be organized as part of Shukar Bijoux, a social company dedicated to increasing the number of employed persons belonging to vulnerable groups by selling 100% handmade jewelry crafted from silver.

Shukar Fest is part of the project “Roma Culture: Preserving and revitalizing crafts, part of the intangible heritage”, implemented by the organization Youth for Sustainable Development in Europe in partnership with Romers Rettigeter from Norway. The project was financed through EEA Grants and is currently in the sustainability period.