International workshop regarding the sustainability of projects financed under the EEA Grants

The Ministry of Culture and National Identity through the Project Management Unit, acting as Programme Operator for PA16/RO12 Conservation and revitalization of cultural and natural heritage, organized an international workshop regarding the sustainability of projects financed under the EEA Grants.

The event took place between October 24th and 25th 2017 in Cluj Napoca and aimed at facilitating the exchange of experience and good practices with other Programme Operators for PA16, but also at strengthening cooperation between project promoters and their partners from the Donor States.

The workshop gathered representatives of the Programme partner, the Directorate for Cultural Heritage in Norway, representatives of Programme Operators from the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Poland, along with projects partners from the Donor States and project promoters.

The event was a great opportunity to present the results achieved within the Programme and the successful projects. The movie promoting the Programme and its results was also projected during the workshop.

Visits to the National Archives of Romania, Cluj County Department and to the wooden churches Petrindu and Cizer from the Transylvanian Museum of Ethnography, restored with the support of the EEA Grants, were organized in the first day of the event. At the Archives, the participants discovered the medieval documents restored and digitized within the Programme.

The second day was dedicated to working groups. The debates were focused on “Building a partnership that lasts”. The conclusions were presented by a representative of each discussion group and several key concepts were identified: “cooperation”, “communication”, “long-term approach”, “visibility” and “community”.

The workshop was concluded with a site visit to the National Museum of Transylvanian History where a mixt real-virtual exhibition space was created. Here, the participants were transported across space and distance in the ancient dacian fortresses from Orăștiei Mountains, with the help of 3D glasses.