Second open call for Bilateral Actions

The Project Management Unit - Ministry of Culture, acting as Programme Operator, announces the opening of the second call for bilateral actions.

Fund for Bilateral Relations

The Fund for Bilateral Relations is an integral part of the Programme and aims at achieving cooperation, joint results and increased mutual knowledge and understanding between donor and beneficiary states. The two components of the Fund for bilateral relations are:

  • Measure A - Partnership development/building – the search for partners prior to or during the preparation of a project application, the development of such partnerships and the preparation of a project application for a donor partnership project;
  • Measure B - Networking and exchange of experience – networking, exchange, sharing and transfer of knowledge, technology, experience and best practices between Project Promoters and entities in the Donor States

Areas of support

The present call for proposals regarding partnership actions is part of Measure A, Partnership development/building and aims to support the development of sustainable partnerships between Romanian cultural operators and entities from Donor States (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein).

Eligible activities

The following partnership actions between cultural operators from Romania and entities from the Donor States (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) will be eligible for financing:

  • Activities to develop partnerships between Romanian and Donor States entities through meetings, working together, sharing knowledge, interests and experiences in order to elaborate specific ideas for future projects;
  • Activities to identify additional partners to develop partnership projects through participation in conferences, seminars, workshops.

The partnership actions can be implemented in Romania or in any of the Donor States.

Eligible applicants

The eligible applicants/partners from Romania and Donor States under this call are:
a) Public entities: public authorities, cultural institutions and state archives;
b) Private entities: nongovernmental organisations active in the fields of cultural heritage or ethnic minorities;
c) Legally recognised religious organizations;
d) Higher education and research institutions;
e) Other non-commercial entities.

Additionally, an eligible applicant under this call for partnership actions should meet the following requirements:

  • its participation in the envisaged project is reasonable;
  • does not draw financial profits from the participation in the envisaged project.

It is mandatory that the applicant and potential partner are established as a legal person and that they have the capacity of implementing activities in the field addressed by the partnership action.

Financial assistance

The total allocation under the present call for applications is 66.000 euro.
The maximum size of the grant is 2.000 euro per applicant.


Opening date – 10 February 2014
Closing date – 10 March 2014

Procedure for submission of applications

All relevant documentation and procedures for the submission of applications can be downloaded here:

  • Application guide - Measure A [ro] [en]
  • Annex 1 – Application form template [en]
  • Annex 2 – Applicant’s eligibility declaration template [en]
  • Annex 3 – Partnership expression of interest [en]
  • Annex 4 – Grant contract template [ro] [en]
  • Annex 5 – Payment request template [en]
  • Annex 6 – Final report template [en]

Contact Information

Questions may be sent by email at the contacts below:

Nicoleta Cambei, Communication Officer
Tel./Fax:               +40 21 223 03 46