Heritage initiative, the Museum of Transylvanian Life - Kálnoky Foundation

Heritage initiative, the Museum of Transylvanian Life - Kálnoky Foundation
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Project Promoter:Kálnoky Foundation
Project Partner: INTBAU Scandinavia
Project duration: 29 months, but no later than 30.04.2017
Total project amount: RON 5,182,674, i.e. EUR 1,173,214.26
Grant amount: RON 4,539,924, i.e. EUR 1,027,713.41

The project leader is the Kálnoky Foundation, in partnership with INTBAU Scandinavia, and its main objective lies in the sustainable development of the “Centru” region, by protecting, restoring and highlighting the multi-ethnical cultural heritage. Specific results of the project are related to the restoration of the Kálnoky manor in Micloșoara (Covasna), and the establishment of the Museum of Transylvanian Life. Another component of the project is related to the improvement of the quality of life for the communities from Baraolt microregion, through specific measures for the strengthening and diversification of the professional abilities of the inhabitants, but also through the development of local economy and the improvement of the situation of the Roma community. Not the least, the project offers a great opportunity for increased bilateral relations with organisations from Norway in the field of best practice promotion and transfer of knowledge, at European level.

Target groups consist of local communities, professionals and specialists in built and immaterial heritage, tourists, NGOs and business operators.

Through its activities, the project shall provide a consistent alternative for local cultural and touristic offer, and with direct benefits towards the sustainable development of the region, both socially and economically.

More information is available on www.kalnoky.org.


One historical monument restored, the Kálnoky Castle in Micloșoara


One museum created and developed, the Museum of Transylvanian Life


Bilateral partnership with INTBAU Scandinavia strengthened through the involvement in drafting the curriculum for entrepreneurship course, but also in organizing the Summer School

3 promoting events organized:

The launching conference


The inauguration ball

The closing conference


One Curriculum for Entrepreneurship Course developed

One Curriculum for the cultural and tourist guides courses developed

35 people who benefited from entrepreneurial courses

26 people who benefited from cultural and tourist guides courses

22 people trained during the Summer School at Micloșoara

20 people belonging to the Roma community involved in the restoration works

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