MUSEIKON. New Icon Museum revitalizes a restored heritage building in Alba Iulia

MUSEIKON. New Icon Museum revitalizes a restored heritage building in Alba Iulia
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Project Promoter: Alba County Council

Project Partner:

  1. National Museum of Union Alba Iulia
  2. Orthodox Archdiocese of Alba Iulia
  3. University of Bergen - University Museum of Bergen

Project duration: 22 months, but no later than 30.11.2016
Total project amount: RON 9,292,349.05, i.e. EUR 2,092,635.75
Grant amount: RON 8,086,892.14, i.e. EUR 1,821,167

General objective

Restoration and revitalisation of a heritage building in Alba Iulia by founding a new museum and cultural facility

Specific objectives

1. Conservation and restoration of a listed heritage building in Alba Iulia
2. Preparation of the collections to be offered to the public in a new museum
3. Developing innovative cultural offer through strengthened bilateral relationships
4. Project coordinated and sufficient audit trail
5. Publicity and stakeholder engagement

Expected results

The main result of the Project is founding a new museum and cultural facilities, in a listed heritage building that will be restored.
Other results are restoration and the preparation of icons and old books collection to be offered to the public; development of the cultural offer.

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  • one historical monument restored;
  • a new Icon Museum, a multifunctional space with a reconstructed medieval engraving workshop, a permanent exhibition hall and a painting workshop created and developed;
  • 52 icons and 15 old books restored;
  • 5,643 items of cultural heritage digitized;
  • an integrated marketing campaign;
  • an icon exhibition organized in Bergen. The exhibit included 29 icons from the Museikon collection and one icon belonging to the Dragomirești-Maramureș Monastery;
  • one study visit hosted by the project partner University Museum of Bergen.

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Challenges of an icon painter

Constantin Cioc:
“Personally, to paint an icon I need to withdraw from the world, I have to live a certain way.”
“To be Christian means to be a living icon yourself.”









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