Castles in Transylvania - strategy and development models

Castles in Transylvania - strategy and development models
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Project Promoter: PONT Group
Project duration: 26 months, but no later than 30.04.2017
Total project amount, consisting of the initial financial allocation and the budget for the additional activities approved in Round 1/2016 and Round 2/2016: RON 538,148.50 , i.e. EUR 121,538.57
Grant amount: RON 454,950.74, i.e. EUR 102.,48.71

The general objective of the project is to contribute to the creation of a strategic framework and long-term vision in order to put in value the economic and social potential of the castles in Transylvania with methods used in local and regional development, to fundraising for restoration and operation, and to the creation of a network of information and experts in fields connected to reaching the sustainability of this part of Romanian and European built cultural heritage.

Specific objectives:

  • creating a vision regarding the capitalization of the economic and social potential of the castles from Transylvania;
  • creating a strategic profile of castles in Transylvania containing a medium term strategy, key success factors and key initiatives for an integrated capitalization through network-based but also identifying individual solutions for each specific situation;
  • creating a modular methodology based on clearly defined indicators and criteria, which becomes available for any owner or administrator of a castle and which becomes the basis for further specific operational plans for the sustainable economic and social valorisation of each castle;
  • creating methodologies and approaches for enlarging the pool of human, material, economic and financial resources in order to put in value these elements of cultural heritage and to create medium and long-term sustainability;
  • creating a pool and network of experts in fields which have a connection to the topic of castles in Transylvania (legal, architecture, marketing, design, local and regional development, management, public and private resource management, internal design, gardening, landscaping);
  • creating a greater awareness among the population regarding the situation of castles in Transylvania and the possibility of putting them back in circuit on long term through an integrated approach and through the valorisation of their network.

Expected results:

  • long term vision, strategy and working methods for creating valorisation plans for castles;
  • two conferences dedicated to the heritage of ethnic and cultural minorities involving 300 participants;
  • a total number of 300 analysed castles from the point of view of their legal-administrative, architectural condition and socio-economic potential;
  • a consolidated network involving 60 experts;
  • the publication of strategic materials in three languages (Romanian, Hungarian and English) in 500 copies;
  • 30 meetings with institutional stakeholders in the project’s dissemination process;
  • 20.000 members in the online community.
  • practical application of the strategic framework to develop business models for two castles (Racoș and Vârghiș);
  • the Castle in Transylvania Coalition, a cooperation network of owners and administrators of 30 Transylvanian castles and mansions aiming at accelerating steps towards their revitalisation and socio-economic sustainability in the framework of the Castle in Transylvania Strategy;
  • the Castle in Transylvania Fund which aims to provide financial sustainability and funding for the objectives and future activities of the Castle in Transylvania Program in general with a special focus on the actions targeting the castles and mansions which are part of the Castle in Transylvania Coalition.

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  • Castle in Transylvania Strategy
  • the Castle in Transylvania Strategy for 2016-2025 published in three languages;
  • a platform developed,, with detailed information about 300 castles and mansions from Transylvania;
  • 2 business plans for castles and 5 development models created by young people through an interdisciplinary approach;
  • a coalition for 30 owners and administrators created;
  • an enlarged support community of over 21,950 people;
  • 7 events organized (conferences, workshops, dissemination actions);
  • 32 face to face meetings with institutional stakeholders for the dissemination process;
  • the Castle in Transylvania Fund created and 7.648 lei gathered for the sustainability period.

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