Conservation of traditional handicrafts of Roma in Harghita


Project Promoter: „Gelem Gelem” Harghita Association
Project Partner:

  1. Harghita County Concil
  2. Municipality of Miercurea Ciuc
  3. Thalia Miercurea Ciuc Foundation
  4. Association for Education and Training

Project duration: 9 months
Total project amount: RON 209,974.42, i.e. EUR 47,421.83
Grant amount: RON 188,976.98, i.e. EUR 42,679.65

The general objective of the project is to promote traditional Roma arts and crafts; transmitting the specific knowledge gained during a lifetime of working as a craftsman to the younger generation.

Specific objectives:

  • promoting traditional arts and crafts especially to Roma younger generation;
  • improving the situation of Roma community by learning a traditional handicraft;
  • practicing traditional crafts contributes to the protection and enhancement of the cultural heritage of Roma community;
  • consolidating Roma identity among the younger generation by introducing cultural activities in everyday life;
  • presenting the exhibitions (traditional crafts and ethnographic photographs) in different places to help promote the Roma culture.

Expected results:

  • transmitting the specific knowledge gained by Roma craftsmen to the younger generation and preservation of cultural heritage of the Roma minority for future generations through courses organized (traditional crafts courses, Roma language course);
  • increasing the accessibility of tangible values (traditional art and crafts products) and intangible values (language, dance, music, costumes, traditional crafts) of the Roma community to the greater public, values which are part of the national heritage. This process will be supported by the following activities: dance presentations and traditional arts and crafts and exhibitions of pictures and products.


  • 20 exhibitions and events dedicated to the cultural heritage of ethnic minorities;
  • course of spinning wicker baskets for 15 young Roma people;
  • course of weaving sorghum from wicker and broom for 15 young Roma people;
  • Roma language course for 15 people;
  • presenting of traditional Roma dances;
  • presenting traditional Roma arts and crafts (products fair);
  • at least 100 photos taken by an ethnographer.


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