Medievalia - Essential texts for the medieval Romanian culture

Medievalia - Essential texts for the medieval Romanian culture
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Project Promoter: Excellency through culture
Project Partner: Romanian Academy Library
Project duration: 10 months, but no later than 30.04.2016
Total project amount: RON 357,800, i.e. EUR 80,807.62
Grant amount: RON 313,182.34, i.e. EUR 70,730.91

The project started from the hypothesis that ancient literature bore a fundamental role in the evolution of Romanian culture and that period texts and documents („ceasloavele”, „psaltirile” or „cazaniile”) are living testimonies of our past and they constitute as the foundation for further development of Romanian literature. In the context of a global society based on information, the danger of losing cultural identity is real. New IT&C technologies provide appropriate solutions for the problem of preserving the written cultural heritage and enables users broad access to cultural heritage, without damaging valuable collections.

The project aims at protecting, enhancing and promoting cultural heritage written in old Romanian literature by increasing the number of digitized cultural representative resources and facilitating the public access. For this, the project will create a corpus of 60 volumes of the vernacular texts from the Romanian Academy Library heritage, and their inclusion in a common database that will be integrated into the Europeana cultural portal.

The main project activities are related to research and documenting of old book heritage belonging to the project partner, digitization of sixty volumes and inserting them to a common database, and promoting it to the public through new technologies.

At its completion, the project envisages an audience estimated of 20,000 unique visitors to the database through multiple platforms that will ensure interoperability.

Project news


At project completion, the database had more than 20,000 unique visitors.

The database containing 60 volumes of the vernacular texts from the Romanian Academy Library heritage can be accessed at, but also from the websites of other institutions (universities, libraries etc.):


Medievalia Exhibition, 15 - 25 March 2016