RAR - Reclaiming English Studies in Romania

RAR - Reclaiming English Studies in Romania
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Project Promoter: University of Bucharest
Project partner: Romanian Academy Library
Project duration: 14 months, but no later than 30.04.2016
Grant amount: RON 254,814.80, i.e. EUR 57,548.85

General objective: protection, capitalization and promotion of the written cultural heritage in the field of English Studies in Romania by increasing the number of representative digitized cultural resources and by facilitating the access to such resources for the public.

Specific objectives:

  • professional identification of a representative segment of documentary resources, in the field targeted by the project;
  • digitization of 250 volume in the field 0of English Studies, organizing the digitized documents in databases in conformity with the European regulations and integrating them in the Europeana cultural portal;
  • actively promoting the project and the collections regarding the study of the English language, culture and civilization among those interested and capitalizing these resources by making them available to a greater number of users.

Project results

  • 250 heritage objects written between 1750 and 1940 selected in order to digitize a volume of over 50,000 pages;
  • constituting a priority documentary corpus, relevant for the field targeted by the project;
  • 250 document files;
  • a database created;
  • web catalogue of the collections accessible from the websites of libraries, universities, cultural platforms, Europeana digital library, press releases, project website;           
  • 2 press events organized;
  • a minimum of 3 articles published in specialized magazines or journals;
  • a conference organized for a minimum of 50 participants;
  • a seminar organized for a minimum of 50 participants;
  • 100 CDs with the web catalogue of the disseminated collections.

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The results of the project:

  • a list with the priority documentary corpus in English studies was drafted;
  • scientific evidence of the written cultural heritage were identified in the collections of the libraries;
  • a web catalogue, was created to disseminate the 262 digitized volumes.

The University of Bucharest established a long-term partnership with the Romanian Academy Library aiming at preserving and promoting Romanian cultural heritage in the field of English studies.
The results of the project were made available to a wider public through:

  • 262 volumes digitized and preserved;
  • 1 web catalogue and 160 CDs disseminated;
  • 4 awareness events and over 200 attendants;
  • promotional materials disseminated;
  • 1 website created, www.recuperareaanglisticii.ro/en/;
  • 14 articles published in mass-media;
  • 3 radio news;
  • over 25 press releases on online platforms;
  • 2 press releases in a national coverage newspaper;
  • over 250.000 people (general public) and over 60.000 people (specialized public) informed about the project and its results through free access to the digitized collections.