RROMANE PARAMÌĆA (RROMA STORIES) – inventory and conservation measures of the intangible heritage of Roma in Hunedoara region

RROMANE PARAMÌĆA (RROMA STORIES) – inventory and conservation measures of the intangible heritage of Roma in Hunedoara region
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Project Promoter: Association for the Protection and Promotion of the Corvin Castle in Hunedoara
Project Partner: Fjellugla Kompetanse
Project duration: 8 months, but no later than 30.04.2016
Total project amount: RON 191,800, i.e. EUR 43,317.22
Grant amount: RON 172,217.22, i.e. EUR 38,894.53

The project refers to the intangible heritage of the Roma population living in Hunedoara area, more than 6000 people, living here from centuries and developing their own extremely valuable folklore resources. The extensive inventory of such local treasure and its public communication will bring significant benefits for social cohesion, integration, tolerance, but also cultural export of cultural resources in Romania and abroad.

The project will contribute to the sustainable development of the Western region, micro-region Hunedoara, protecting the intangible heritage of Roma.

Project objectives refer to:

  • inventory of the Roma intangible heritage of Hunedoara, minimum 5000 items, during six months;
  • community awareness for Roma situation through organizing thematic exhibitions (for two months) and a series of events related to Roma at Corvin Castle;
  • strengthening bilateral relations between Romania and Norway by developing and promoting exchanges of good practice in the field of public communication.

Project activities are mainly related to research and inventory, creation of a multi-criteria database, but also the design and implementation of events for the wider public audience, and also the promotion of the project.

Project news


An international interdisciplinary research methodology regarding intangible heritage;

Field research of the Roma community from Hunedoara region;

Socio-demographic research report

Ethno-folkloric research

  • more than 5.000 items (audio, video and photo) of intangible heritage collected during the research;
  • 5 thematic events and 1 temporary exhibition regarding Roma cultural heritage;

Roma Crafts Day, June 21st 2015


Gastronomy and Roma games, July 29th 2015


Clothing and traditional dances, August 14th 2015


A way of life “Șatra”, September 25th 2015


Roma traditional institutions and customs, November 20th 2015


Temporary exhibition


A comprehensive inventory of Roma intangible heritage, which is available at http://www.povestirome.ro/inventar/audio/

The project was promoted through 3.000 flyers, 150 posters and 1.000 DVDs distributed. Also, the results of the project were made available to the public on the website http://www.povestirome.ro/.


Through this project, 2.311 people from the Roma community in Hunedoara were involved in the region’s development, as follows:

  • 17 people were temporarily employed, 601 people were interviewed,
  • 103 people were contacted, along with 2 representatives of the Roma community.
  • 4.395 visitors on the project website
  • 191 participants in events related to promoting Roma heritage
  • 1.000 people benefited from the cultural inventory
  • 8.658 visitors of the temporary exhibition