Cultural road „Mălâncrav - living multi-ethnic heritage

Cultural road „Mălâncrav - living multi-ethnic heritage
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Project Promoter: Mihai Eminescu Trust Foudation
Project duration: 12 months
Total project amount: RON 384,887.30, i.e. EUR 86,925.17
Grant amount: RON 343,319.47, i.e. EUR 77,537.25

The general objective of the project is the sustainable development of the Mălâncrav community, Sibiu County, by creating a cultural route of valuing intangible and tangible multi-ethnic local heritage. This objective will be achieved through three specific objectives:

  • facilitating access of visitors to the multi-ethnic cultural heritage from Mălâncrav by creating a tourism route with interactive demonstrations and innovative interpretation;
  • increasing the annual number of visitors of the village by at least 50% for 2015 compared to 2013;
  • improving economic and social situation of minimum 10 craftsmen from Mălâncrav, Roma adults, by including them in activities for valorisation of local heritage;

During 12 months, the  activities for the inventory of local intangible heritage will be deployed, also the photo and video documentation of the elements identified, which will be valorised by the cultural route "Mălâncrav – multi-ethnic living heritage" with permanent and itinerant exhibitions and heritage demonstrations for visitors.

The project management team will coordinate all activities necessary to achieve the objectives, aiming to obtain the following main results:

  • one inventory of the local multi-ethnic heritage and one participatory methodology on appropriate interpretation and valorisation of the local heritage;
  • 5 business plans for local existing or future small business connected to heritage (of which at least 2 to the benefit of the local Roma population);
  • one cultural route included and promoted in the regional context;
  • one permanent and 4 temporary exhibitions;
  • a map of the cultural route promoting 15 visiting points included in the public circuit;
  • the involvement to 26 locals in the development of products and services related to valuing local cultural heritage;
  • the direct involvement of 12 Roma locals in the development of products and services related to valuing the local cultural heritage of their ethnicity (wicker basketry, making bricks and tiles, other activities identified during the project);
  • 25 tourist information centres at regional and national level will receive information materials related to the project;
  • 8 short film documentaries will be accessible to the wide public for the direct and indirect promotion of the community;
  • 20 media appearances to promote the beneficiary community as a tourist destination;
  • 10 descriptions on international travel websites promoting the beneficiary community.

At the end of the project, visitors can see in Mălâncrav not just a beautiful village, exhibition spaces and crafted objects, but can also live experiences that address several senses at the same time: they can directly participate in experiences such as carving oak wood manually, modelling clay in form of bricks, baking bread and traditional cakes, having the opportunity to smell and taste them, touching different textures like hazel twigs, wood or clay. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn the symbols of woven or embroidered patterns, to recognize plants useful for the preservation of health and many other experiences, carefully chosen for their authenticity.

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  • Inventory study of the elements of local multi-ethnic heritage

The study is based on the information gathered and inventoried regarding crafts, stories, songs, dances and old customs kept until now.

  • Participative methodology of valorising local heritage

The methodology includes conservation measures and methods of valorising heritage, a description of the local community and its ethnical structure, a description of the existing tangible and intangible heritage.

  • “Mălâncrav – living multi-ethnical heritage” demonstration programme

The demonstration workshops were identified by tourists and visitors through two maps placed in Laslea and Mălâncrav and the manually painted wooden panels placed in front of each household.


Laslea panel map
Mălâncrav panel map
Info point panel
Panel for wicker workshop
Panel for traditional cooking workshop
Panel for brick manufacturing workshop
Panel for sewing and embroidery workshop
Panel for carpentry workshope
Panel for weaving workshop
Flyer traditional cooking workshop
Flyer sewing and embroidery workshop
Flyer carpentry workshop
Flyer wicker workshop
Flyer weaving workshoe
Flyer brick manufacturing workshop
BrochureRO, EN, GER and brochure covers RO, EN, GER

  • 5 business plans for enhancing local heritage
  • 8 short documentary movies

  • Permanent exhibition
  • Cultural route

Hartă Mălâncrav

  • 4 itinerant exhibitions

Exhibition in Brașov


Exhibition in Târgu Mureș


Exhibition in Sibiu


Exhibition in București


Celebration of the Crown


Celebration of the Harvest



35 locals participated at the demonstration workshops, out of which 18 Roma
15 points of the local cultural route were identified
7.093 tourists in Mălâncrav during the events organized
Promotion materials were distributed to 32 tourist points and information centres
215.087 views on the website and on the social media
62 media appearances