Restoration and consolidation of the Gabriel Popescu Atelier House, Vulcana-Pandele Commune, Dâmbovița County, Romania

Restoration and consolidation of the Gabriel Popescu Atelier House, Vulcana-Pandele Commune, Dâmbovița County, Romania

Project Promoter: Dâmbovița County Council
Project Partner: National Heritage Institute
Project duration: 22 months, but no later than 30.04.2017
Grant amount: RON 2,202,114.69, i.e. EUR 495,581.11

Gabriel Popescu is one of the most acclaimed Romanian engravers, a continuer of Theodor Aman and Nicolae Grigorescu’s art. Through his artistic and pedagogical work (for 25 years, he was a professor at the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest), Gabriel Popescu made an important contribution to the Romanian engraving. The Museum, which is generically called „The Gabriel Popescu Atelier House”, is located in the Gura Vulcănii Village (Vulcana Pandele Commune), Dâmbovița County, which is also the birthplace of the artist, a beautiful hilly area.

The general objective of the project refers to the protection, conservation of cultural heritage and facilitating access for general public to a rehabilitated historical monument.

Specific objectives:

  • conservation, protection and enhancement of the historic monument Gabriel Popescu Artist’s House Workshop, integral part of the architectural heritage in Dâmbovița County;
  • establishing a touristic route of the heritage buildings in Dâmbovița County focusing on the architectural style and its evolution during the time.
  • the restoration and rehabilitation of House Workshop will make possible to reincluding it in the National and International Museum circuit;
  • increasing the number of tourists in Dâmbovița County and South Muntenia Region through the restoration of this heritage building.

Expected results of the project include:

  • enhancement of the architectural style specific for the beginning of 20th century in Dâmbovița County;
  • the value of art engraving and work of a great artist;
  • creating a unique engraving center for artists.



  • one historical monument, Gabriel Popescu Atelier House, restored and valorised;
  • a virtual museum created, available at;
  • a guide on the touristic and scientific valorisation of the museum;
  • an initiation course in the engraving art;
  • an engraving camp for professional artists;
  • museum circuit diagrams showing the route inside the museum and the types of objects exhibited;
  • a documentary about Gabriel Popescu’s life and art.

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