The cultural legacy of Corvin Castle - Guilds House Museum, Hunedoara City, Hunedoara County

The cultural legacy of Corvin Castle - Guilds House Museum, Hunedoara City, Hunedoara County
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Project Promoter: Hunedoara City Hall
Project duration: 16 months, but no later than 31.10.2016
Grant amount: RON 4,167,340.40, i.e. EUR 937,850.88

The general objective of the project is establishing the "Guilds House" Museum in order to protect, preserve the cultural heritage for future generations and to facilitate public access to it.

The specific objectives of the project refer to:

  • creation, evaluation, protection and enhancement of a numismatic collection identified on the Corvins Castle territory, collection related to four guilds (shoemakers guild, tanners guild, weavers guild and furriers guild);
  • creating the ”Guilds House” Museum, as part of the Corvins Castle cultural heritage;
  • involvement and training of 12 representatives of the Roma community in the development of socio-economic activities;
  • increase tourism attractiveness of Hunedoara county.

The expected after the implementation of the project are:

  • a building rehabilitated;
  • a database of coins which are part of the Corvins Castle numismatic collection created;
  • a collection classified and certified for authenticity;
  • the existing values of this South-East Europe promoted;
  • the touristic area with rich secular traditions related to the existing guilds promoted; 
  • a number of 12 Roma ethnic people identified and trained to work in the workshop which will produce souvenirs for the Castles visitors;
  • number of Romanian and foreign tourists increased by 10% on the first year after the project is implemented;
  • interested factors informed about the financial support granted through the EEA Financial Mechanism.

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The Corvin Castle Museum of Hunedoara, Romania, has an activity of over 40 years. The museum is housed by one of the most beautiful medieval castles in Central and Southeastern Europe and has a mobile heritage that currently amounts to approx. 10,000 pieces that are divided into several collections. The activity of the curators of the Corvin Castle led to the identification of multiple highly valuable objects, specific to guilds - voluntary associations of craftsmen belonging to a trade, the guilds emerged in the Middle Ages, remaining until the end of the nineteenth century.

Project results:

  • one cultural space created, the “Guilds House” Museum in Hunedoara;
  • 94 objects of cultural heritage restored;
  • one strategic, planning and integrated management document developed - Study to raise the interest of young people for traditional guilds;
  • 12 representatives of the Roma community trained.

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Reproductions of exhibits from the Guilds House Museum made by students of the Children's Club Hunedoara

Details of the restoration process of the building that today hosts the Guilds House Museum


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