Bilateral relations

UPDATE New deadline for submitting application and duration of the partnership actions implemented under Measure B (Round 2/2016) of the Bilateral Fund within PA16/RO12 Conservation and revitalisation of cultural and natural heritage Programme

Available financing

A total amount of 247,060 Euro will be available within this Programme to strengthen bilateral relations, out of which 210,001 Euro represents the financial contribution from the EEA Financial Mechanism and 37,059 Euro represents the national co-financing.

Supported activities

The Fund for Bilateral Relations is an integral part of the Programme and aims at achieving cooperation, joint results and increased mutual knowledge and understanding between donor and beneficiary states. The two components of the Fund for bilateral relations are:

  • Measure A - Partnership development/building – the search for partners prior to or during the preparation of a project application, the development of such partnerships and the preparation of a project application for a donor partnership project;
  • Measure B - Networking and exchange of experience – networking, exchange, sharing and transfer of knowledge, technology, experience and best practices between Project Promoters and entities in the Donor States

Division of financing within the measures

Facilitation of bilateral relations before the project submission or „Measure A” shall receive 50% of the Fund for Bilateral Relations.
Facilitation of bilateral relations during the implementation of the projects shall receive 50% of the Fund for Bilateral Relations.

Entities entitled to financial support

Within the „Measure A” the potential project applicants, as well as the potential project partners from the Donor states will be entitled to receive support.
Within the „Measure B” the approved project applicants will be entitled to receive support (visiting the project partners, participation in seminars and conferences etc.).

Grant amount

The maximum grant per entity is 2,000 Euro. If more persons from one entity intend to travel, the above amount will be split among the persons who are travelling.

Grant rate

The funding rate for a partnership action can be up to 100% of the total eligible costs.

For the Romanian central public authorities the payment will be done 100% in advance. For other entities the reimbursement of costs shall be made in one instalment, at the end of the partnership action based on the approval of the final report and the request for reimbursement.


For more information on open calls for bilateral actions, go to First open call for bilateral relations.